About John

This blog helps me keep track of things that interest me and to connect to others that might be thinking about the same things (even if we disagree about them.)

Professionally, I am an infrastructure geek. I am very interested in the ways investments in transportation and telecommunications infrastructure have contributed to the wealth and growth of regions and our country. The investments we make in infrastructure for new energy sources will determine if we, as a nation, stay at the top of the global heap or become an also ran.  I am intrigued by urban form and the way we live in our cities. I believe that we are going to see huge changes over the next decade as more people choose to be less dependent on cars without sacrificing access to work, friends, entertainment and the world.

I like to discover new music and am especially interested in new and old folk music, alt-country, old school r&b, neo-soul, jazz (especially bop and fusion), and salsa.  The last genre is also a connection to a new pastime, salsa dance.  I love good food and am finally learning to cook; bread & soups are the best things I make so far, but I have some good teachers & role models in the kitchen.

I read a lot. Mostly non-fiction on business strategy, trends, current affairs, cities, origins of religion and music.  I am a fan of Thomas Friedman, Kevin Phillips, Karen Armstrong and Steven Covey. The most important book in my library is Anatomy of Power by John Kenneth Galbraith but more on that in a separate post.

We’ll see how this goes. Tell me what you think.


2 Responses

  1. julieunplugged here. 🙂 I had to see what your blog was after you posted cool music all night. So you have a little theological bent? I like Karen Armstrong too (esp The Spiral Staircase – I related to her journey in my own way). Anyway, will check out what your blog has to offer!


  2. Thanks for taking a look Julie. A little bent theology is probably more apt. My Karen Armstrong reading has been her historical works, The History of God and The Great Transformation. Spiral Staircase is on my list. Great to connect here & through Twitter. Maybe we’ll bump into each other someday.

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